Fille en Fleur (Girl in Bloom)


S  P  I  N  G  T  I  M  E  came in a butter bust. That time of year when you meet a brighter, more creative edition of yourself. Smiles are big, afternoons are long; the hours conducive to creative endeavors. … Continue reading

Night BOSS

IMG_2299 copy

Midnight BOSS. BOSS after dark. Moody blues. This ensemble conscripts more than the Russian Navy. It’s a ‘Fabrication Station’  you’ve never been to before. We’re talking paneling and intricate contrast thread detailing, structure and subtle feminine forms all achieved with … Continue reading

Immortality: Bowie Wong (Paris Fashion Week)


Immortality; the spirit of resilience, the eternal weaving of creation’s threads into the fabric of the modern world as explored by Bowie Wong in his debut haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. What is Couture?’ questions Wong through a … Continue reading



S   W   E   E   T      D   R   E   A   M   S   are made of this. They must be. I feel like I might have had this dream before. … Continue reading



There are some places in the world you might visit in your lifetime. You can’t say anything. You have no words. There are some places that literally take your breath away. THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES would be one of those … Continue reading

Le Classique


  Le Classique. Why do we often forget about it? The effortless act of dressing in a simple and refined manner that endures every giddying cyclical trend – a mood, an attitude, a concept perhaps suggesting: ‘Less is always more … Continue reading

Jour de Fête


 Paris sparkler today. Full sun and things were shining. Strolling through the Tuileries Gardens, I felt as though I had dipped into the sugared pages of Youth once more – carefree, giddy, intoxicated by the Sweet Life. Well really the … Continue reading

Dream tour.


 There’s this tower I’ve spent most of my life thinking about. Although I’m not very old, a good portion of Youth’s restless and roaming thoughts have been dedicated to this structure. It was the hero of a small diary I … Continue reading