There are some places in the world you might visit in your lifetime. You can’t say anything. You have no words. There are some places that literally take your breath away. THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES would be one of those … Continue reading

Le Classique


  Le Classique. Why do we often forget about it? The effortless act of dressing in a simple and refined manner that endures every giddying cyclical trend – a mood, an attitude, a concept perhaps suggesting: ‘Less is always more … Continue reading

Jour de Fête


 Paris sparkler today. Full sun and things were shining. Strolling through the Tuileries Gardens, I felt as though I had dipped into the sugared pages of Youth once more – carefree, giddy, intoxicated by the Sweet Life. Well really the … Continue reading

Dream tour.


 There’s this tower I’ve spent most of my life thinking about. Although I’m not very old, a good portion of Youth’s restless and roaming thoughts have been dedicated to this structure. It was the hero of a small diary I … Continue reading



(Kuwaii ‘Sash’ top and ‘Window Pane’ skirt, ‘Argon’ jacket and ‘Cicada’ Platform shoes) Kuwaii Kool. Kuwaii Kute. Ku-waii don’t you come a tad closer? I first reviewed Kuwaii’s A/W ’14 ‘Palladian’ Collection back in March during the Virgin Australian Melbourne … Continue reading

Water Girl Wants (The Adventures of Aquabelle and others…)


Aquabelle (Water Beauty) in her natural nautical habitat. I’ve long been of the opinion that certain possibilities flourish by the Seaside. Why? I’m not entirely sure…call me a true Pisces or something more, but somewhere along that broad expanse of … Continue reading

Skin Shapes : ‘Chroma’ (The Australian Ballet)


“To touch, to feel, to get closer…Skin Shapes.” I’ve been wondering what it might look like if one ‘mapped’ the Chroma body – an illustrative exploration of The Australian Ballet’s latest production. If one were to capture its tableaux of … Continue reading

Ciao Bella ! (vacanze Romane, sort of…)


 Fortunately (or unfortunately) there are a few things that take me to Rome aside from an aeroplane ticket; for it’s not always convenient to pop over there on a sun drenched afternoon when one so desires. One of them is … Continue reading

What does a Lass wear to…..? A VAMFF’ers Tale.


VAMFF’s been and gone. Party’s over. I’m aware. Melbourne feels rather like a variety of Jay Gatsby at the moment doesn’t it? A little grey, a tad weary after hosting a boisterous sparkler of a party. Clean ups and a … Continue reading



(Image courtesy of Pieces of Eight Gallery) A COLLABORATION BETWEEN ALPHA 60 AND MELANIE KATSALIDIS It is said that the Opal is a stone of inspiration, enhancing imagination and creativity. Imagination; a vision for bringing winks of passion to life, … Continue reading